How to Get a Perfect Wedding Hairstyles for bridal

Hairstyles for Bridal

Perfect your look with this expert guide to wedding hair, makeup, and more. First thing you know about hairstyles.South indian hair styles with flowers is matched according to the costume color of the bride and it takes almost 2 hours to decorate the hairstyles for bridal. The most popular and useful bridal hairstyle for a bride from the south of India is this one.

South Indian Braids Hairstyles

South Indian braids are a beautiful hairstyle that is perfect for any occasion. These braids are commonly known as “Saraswati” braid. You can do these braids yourself at home using a few simple steps.

South Indian Hair Buns Hairstyles

These braids are similar to Saraswati braids; however they have a different look. These braids are called “Kurkuri” braid. To make them, you need to start with a bun and then pull out some strands of hair. Then, you should tie those loose hairs together with a thread. After that, you should secure the knot with a pin.

South Indian Half Updo Hairstyles

This style is also known as “Pallavi” braid. This style requires you to start with a half updo and then create two parallel rows of hair. Next, you should take the top row of hair and cross over the bottom row. Finally, you should secure the ends of the hair with pins.

South Indian Side Bun Hairstyles

The side bun is a popular style among women in India. This style is also known as the “Brahmi” braid. In order to make this style, you need to start off with a bun and then separate the hair into three sections. Then, you should divide each section into two parts.

Next, you should twist the left section of hair around the right section. Finally, you should pin the twists together.

South Indian Chignon Hairstyles

Chignons are a type of hairdo that is often seen on celebrities. This style is also called the “Mangal Sutra” braid. To make this style, you should start off with a chignon and then take the hair down to the nape of the neck.

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